Cosmetic Makeup - Eyebrows

How it works

Using a machine and the finest nano needles on the market, we penetrate pigments into the skin within a layer that's not as deep as a normal tattoo, but deep enough to retain pigment in the skin for 1-3 years, depending on skin type and aftercare.

To begin your brow journey, you will need two treatments 4-12 weeks apart. This will set the initial base and help maintain the ultimate retention. After your first two initial treatments, you will have your perfect eyebrows for 1-3 years. Since the skin is a living organ, it is desirable to use pigments that will fade over time, this is why your cosmetic tattoos won't last as your general art tattoos will.

Skin appearance and even trends can change, so the fading process allows us the time to make tweaks as the years go on, so that we can adapt your look to one that will suit you best throughout your whole life.

Feather/hair strokes: £240

4-12 week top up: £80

A feather brow is where we use the feathering technique, creating individual hair-like strokes which build up to create a beautifully full brow. Everyone's feather brow will be slightly different as we follow the hair growth of your eyebrow to create a look that is both soft and natural. This style is suitable for those who want a natural looking brow with more definition than their current brow.

Powder Brow/ Ombré: £270

4-12 week top up: £90

A powder brow is where we shade the full brow, softening slightly towards the bulb (front of the eyebrow). A powder brow can be carried out in a number of different ways, to create totally different looks. We can shade the brow fully for a strong, bold look or can create an ombré effect (from dark at the tail to light at the front) for a softer approach. A powder brow is a great choice if you are used to filling in your eyebrows on a regular basis.

Combination Brow: £270

4-12 week top up: £90

A Combination Brow is a mixture of hair strokes and shading. Starting with hair strokes throughout to add density and definition to the brow and then shading to create depth. Shading can focus lightly on the centre or the full body of the brow, depending on how full you desire your eyebrows to look. A combination brow can be made to look very natural or very full, therefore can suit anyone's desired style.