Caring for your Brows

Recently had your eyebrows done using PMU? Here's how to look after your brand new brows.

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eyebrow care 1

Step 1

An hour after treatment wipe over your brows using a wipe or damp cotton pad, then apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment provided.

eyebrow care 2

Step 2

Apply the ointment twice a day for a week. Do not get the brows wet, do not apply creams or makeup, avoid exercise, saunas or any activity which can make the brow area sweat.

eyebrow care 3

Step 3

Once the week is over you may treat your new eyebrows as normal until your second treatment. To ensure the best retention use SPF when in the sun and avoid any creams containing acids or retinols as these can fade the eyebrows prematurely.

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